About Us

Whether you or your loved one has a full estate, a partial estate, or is simply downsizing, Todd Gray Estate Sales is here to guide you.

If the amount of inventory a client has doesn’t quite meet the requirements of an estate sale, we will work with you to find the best sales outlets for your collections, antiques, and specialty items.

Our team

Todd Gray has been in the estate sale business for 18 years, concentrating mainly in the Grand Rapids areas of Forest Hills, Cascade, Ada and East Grand Rapids. Todd’s career started by buying and selling. He studied estate sales, auctions and other buying opportunities, while looking for unique products – his earliest specialty being rare books. He then moved into a broader array of collections and items and soon began running his own estate sales.

Todd enjoys working with his clients to create a positive experience for both them and the end customer. He has created a team of professional, experienced and reliable individuals with decades of combined estate sale experience who understand the sensitivities that can sometimes arise as individuals, couples, and families make this transition.

Our Process

During our initial conversation with clients, we will discuss their goals and take a quick inventory of the home. At this time we will decide on the best course of action, e.g. whether an estate sale is going to provide the best outcome, or if there is a better way in which to liquidate the contents of their home. Once this decision is made, we will create a calendar for the sale, or agree on a timeline for having all items sold and off the property. We will then create a contract agreed to by both Todd Gray Estate Sales and the client.

We want our customers to feel taken care of throughout the time we are working together. We understand that releasing and selling items that may hold great family significance and history can be a sensitive and personal journey. We are here to do all we can to provide a positive and understanding environment.

Estate Sales

Once the date for the sale is decided, we will begin advertising in both online and print publications. We will also have signage posted during the sale. We will communicate with our client to discuss some of the larger inventory items, and we will promote items to the public that we think will create the best buzz. Several days before the sale, our team of professionals will be working at the sale site to price and stage the merchandise. Once the sale is complete, we will clear the home of all agreed contents and disclose final compensation.

Additional Sales Tools

If it is decided there is not enough inventory to merit an estate sale, we look at inventory and provide a proposal for what we believe we can sell through other outlets. We can provide a ballpark estimate for certain items/collections, and will do all we can to meet our goals. A sales plan will be developed with our clients on a case-by-case basis.